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OK, here's one of those math-class word problems for y'all.

The local video store is running a contest. If you've got 48 bags each containing 50 pounds of popcorn kernels, how many small bags of popcorn will it make? (small bags contain approx. 1 cup of popped corn)

Last night I saw the palate full of popcorn bags and quickly tried to work out a calculation. Forty-eight bags times 50 pounds is 2,400 pounds of unpopped corn. Figuring that one pound of unpopped corn would make approx. 10 1-cup bags, I guessed that one 50-pound bag would make approx. 500 small bags of popped corn -- times 48 equals 24,000.

In the light of day that guess sounds low, as I'm thinking that one pound of kernels would make a lot more than 10 1-cup bags. I've already entered so it won't be cheating to ask for outside guesses. (at risk is a $20 gift certificate)

Anyone have a guess, educated or otherwise? I'll share the correct answer as soon as they post it.

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Well, you'd need to know:

[a] the number of unpopped kernels per ounce;

the number of popped kernels per cup.

Your formula then would be 2,400 lbs. x 16 oz./lb. x a kernels/oz., divided by b kernels per cup.

I have a postal scale here at work ... if I had a bag of microwave popcorn I could figure this out.

But say there are 20 popped kernels per cup and 100 unpopped kernels per ounce. In Orville Redenbacher's world you'd have 192,000 cups of popcorn.

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