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My girlfriend and I went there when we were in Seattle this past September. Very, very cool place - even better than the more famous Experience Music Project (which is right next door, and which I found rather ho-hum to tell the truth). Several fascinating exhibits on sci-fi's many facets and themes, an interactive display of some of sci-fi's most famous spaceships (including the "Bebop" from Cowboy Bebop), and tons of props from sci-fi movies and TV shows. My only complaint was that they didn't allow you to take photos inside the museum. I have a co-worker or two that would've been extremely jealous if they could've seen what I saw.

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We're moving to Kitsap County (across from Seattle) in a month.5, and I definitely plan an outing to the Sci-Fi Museum! I'm very jazzed about it as I'm a total sci-fi nerd (since I was very very small...).


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