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Martin Stillion's new CD: NOTORIOUS


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Martin Stillion--Notorious

Here it is, folks--my first CD. It's primarily Celtic in style, but other idioms--classical, baroque, blues, and avant garde--also show up. I draw on a range of influences, including Turlogh O'Carolan, Paul Hindemith, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Martin Hayes. In addition to fiddle, I play mandolin, viola, octave mandolin, mandocello, and resophonic tenor guitar, and I have some friends contributing whistle, recorder, Irish flute, uilleann pipes, bodhran, and vocals.

Why would I call my first CD Notorious? Well, because it's the soundtrack to A Most Notorious Woman, a play I've been performing around the globe with playwright/actor Molly Lyons. Roughly half the pieces are my own compositions; the other half are mostly traditional tunes (or at least very old ones). Please order a copy or six. Thanks!

There are a couple of different ways to buy Notorious:

Buy Now with PayPal

To buy Notorious on the Web (or if the above link doesn't work), visit http://www.stillion.com/martin/Notorious.htm

To order the old-fashioned way, send a check or money order to

Notorious CD

Martin Stillion

7900 236th St. SW #4

Edmonds, WA 98026

CD: $15

Shipping: $2.50 for 1-3 CDs; $4.00 for 4-8 CDs

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

It's big. It's fat. It's Greek.

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Dude, how could I go this long on the board and NOT have figured out your secret identity, Mr. Mando.


Good to have you in the neighborhood here.

Folks, I have Mr. Mando to thank for my first experience interviewing a celebrity. I was actually merely a guest along for the ride with him for several eye-opening hours while he interviewed the great T-Bone Burnett. I got the bug for interviewing artists that day, and have had it ever since.

And this guy plays a mean fiddle.



Takin' 'er easy for all you sinners at lookingcloser.org. Also abiding at Facebook and Twitter.


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Do you ever come to Chicago?

Been there a couple of times, yes.

We are trying to break into the Irish festival circuit with this play. There are 12-14 North American cities that have Irish cultural festivals every summer. I know Milwaukee is one of them; I think Chicago has one too. So if we are successful, we will eventually come either to Chicago or a little further up the lake.

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

It's big. It's fat. It's Greek.

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