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Need sources of support...help, please.

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i'm excited to see a lot more discussions, awareness, groups, workshops on the whole topic of the IMPORTANCE of being an influence in culture through the arts....especially as it seems to has been a slow start trying to convince people in the church of this....

BUT would you happen to have any resources for those who have taken action, became a "successful" influence in the eyes of both non-Christians and Christians, only to still feel "alone"? any groups of support for professionals in the arts, which aren't solely geared toward "inspiring and convincing", but rather geared toward facing the outright real issues us artists face while in it?

Sorry to sound frustrated, as i am on the verge of burnout as it seems no one is around who seems to understand. Listening to talks about the "vision" is the last thing i want to hear right now.

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This is an important issue, gal--thanks for identifying it.

It is. I hope others can recommend specific groups. Unfortunately, I cannot.

I find that kind of support primarily through my local church, which values the arts, and which encourages ongoing dialogue on the very issues you're raising, socalgal.

But if you can't find that in your local church, then I'd encourage you to check out one of the conferences mentioned here, or similar conferences such as the Glen Workshop that just took place in New Mexico. I was so encouraged by the Festival of Faith and Music at Calvin College this spring. The workshops and performances were wonderful, and yes, there was a certain amount of articulation of vision that went on, but beyond that, I met many, many people who were creating music, engaged in thinking critically about music, and integrating their passions and giftings with their faith. And I'm still in contact with many of those folks, and we're maintaining the dialogue, although we now have to do so from a distance. It was, and is, inspiring.

The advantage is that you're not swimming upstream against the Christian cultural tide. There are others on this same journey. I hope you find some of that on the Arts and Faith forums. But I feel fairly certain that you'll find it among real, living, breathing human beings at these conferences. Even if you've heard the vision countless times before, much, much more will go on, and it will be good.

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Christians In Theatre Arts http://www.cita.org

Christians in Visual Arts http://www.civa.org

ArtWithin http://www.artwithin.org

(Christian Playwrights & Screenwriters & Producers)

Arts & Entertainment Ministries http://www.a-e-m.org/

(The so-cal arts support group I mentioned is actually in Los Angeles)


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will definitely look into the conferences...and thanks so much for the encouragement!

so appreciate all your responses so far..

regarding having attachments to my church: i love my church as cool as it is. though some of our members have appeared on jay leno or i hear them on secular radio, not everyone in my church "approve" and it can be most discouraging. (yeah i know, probably old news to you guys.) just stating a fact, not a complaint.

don't take me wrong. the last thing i'm looking for is a poor-me-the-church-doesn't-understand-artists-group. nor do i want to go to yet another elite "artiste" group made of posers who's never been "in the game" and have the scars to prove it, and have no intention of playing.

guess it may be too much to ask to actually gather a group like this together as many of my peers who need this the most have very busy schedules. heck, i'd be happy with just one mentor willing to check in with me once a month. i'd be one myself if i had answers to the boatload of questions i do have.

i'm just a babbling newbie to this board. thanks for allowing me to vent. i look forward to spending more time on this board.

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Southern Cal Gal -


Fuller Seminary has some groups they help sponsor which gets people from the film industry. Dan may have already flagged it but if not, I would contact them at what they call the BREHM CENTER.


Since 1995 we have authored a commentary on film, cinema in focus. Though we enjoy cinema as an art form, our interests lie not so much in reviewing a film as in beginning a conversation about the social and spiritual values presented. We, therefore, often rate a film higher or lower due to its message rather than its quality of acting or film-making.

Cinema In Focus Website

Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara Website

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