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Hi! biggrin.gif

We are the new polish digital-television seated in Poland.

We are concentrating especially on independent, off-productions made by clever people- stories, reports, documental films, animations, teledisks and all other TVforms.

We want to edit these films on our aerial and we want also distribute a DVDs with the best independent productions, send it everywhere and give the film-makers even so small chanse to become some known in the world.

There is a lot of good films in the whole world, but cinemas are taking just a very very small precent of them.

The people properly don't know about many good film-authors and probably will never have a chance to watch their productions.

We want to change it!!

If You are interrested in co-operating with us, please contact our team:


We just want to become acquainted with most of film-makers from all over the world and help them to promote their productions, maybe help them to achieve some fame..

Joanna Smietanka

What do You think about it??

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I understand.

But we are the team of joung determined people, looking for others like this to try do somethink together, changing something in the film-world.

It's not going about the money.

But who is of the same mind as we are, will know that we are some superior aim... because we also love cinema.


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So, my name is Joanna and I work for something new in cinema.

I look for contacts with filmmakers, who love it and do it well.

If there is a lot of them in the world, so why I cannot show their productions to people seated in front of TV screens??

Sorry, I have no money from it, but just satisfacton as a lot of off-filmmakers in the world..

Who want to talk with me via e-mail or by phone, can e-mail me and become known of me.

Greetings to all the people loving cinema;)

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I for one would like to say "Welcome Joana." I hope that your efforts here will be rewarded with some collaboration for many years to come. This could be a wonderful outlet for some of the budding filmmakers here.

I have tried to connect to your site but the server is overloaded - hopefully that won't last too long.

...the kind of film criticism we do. We are talking about life, and more than that the possibility of abundant life." -M.Leary

"Dad, how does she move in mysterious ways?"" -- Jude (my 5-year-old, after listening to Mysterious Ways)

[once upon a time known here as asher]

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