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Peter T Chattaway

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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nardis wrote:

: Am wondering if anyone else here guessed that

Snape was *still* a good guy in books 6 & 7


Yeah. It was pretty obvious from the way book 6 kept referring the Snape's original potions master speech in Book 1, where he informs his class that he can teach them "how to stopper death." Interesting verb choice there. It's telling that book 6 references the rest of the speech in one way or another, while avoiding mentioning "stoppering death." She had lots of hints in book 6 that Snape had done that to Dumbledore. Dumbledore basically says as much, that he would have died from the curse on the locket when he returned to Hogwarts if Snape hadn't saved him.

If Dumbledore was already dying, then Dumbledore's murder wasn't really a "murder" and therefore Snape was acting under orders, so he couldn't be bad. Also, why would Snape have saved Dumbledore if he wanted him dead?

I'd have been disappointed if JKR wrote him as evil, though he wasn't the greatest guy.

One of my favorite moments in all of Harry Potter was when Harry named his son after Snape. It made both my wife and I cry.

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