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Christians and swearing on stage

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#21 Rachel Anne

Rachel Anne


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Posted 10 July 2008 - 02:13 PM

I would think that context is everything.

Argument 1:

In church, every Easter season, we read the passion narratives aloud, with the congregation as a whole reading the part of the crowd, and individual members of the congregation reading the parts of various people condemning and abusing our Lord. If we can do this without sin, because of the overall context, I cannot see why an actor cannot utter profanities, provided the context provides sufficient justification. If you think the overall effect of the work is a moral evil, then you should not participate in it no matter what part you are given. If you think the overall effect is good, then participation, even in an evil role, would not necessarily be to commit a moral offense.

Argument 2:

An attorney may represent an evil man in a fair trial without committing any moral offense by doing so. But, if the trial itself is a rigged show trial, then to participate in it in any role whatsoever would be a moral offense. (I would exclude from condemnation someone whose "participation" was to expose and subvert the trial.)

#22 Frank21



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Posted 28 September 2009 - 02:31 AM

I think of Mozart in "Amadeaus" and how it is vital to the show that he be a profain and obscene character. It would be a great dis-service to the work to "clean him up" (so to speak).



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