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  1. I know some preachers who basically deny the existence of God. They still hold their position in a christian church, so whatever those few things are, they seem to be different things for different people...
  2. Stephen Lamb posted Byron Borger's response to Challies review on page 6.
  3. The article is quite old indeed, but there's a 2006 sermon in which Keller adresses the same issues. It seems he still reasons along the same lines but it might be interesting (if you're interested in Kellers ideas) to find if there are any differences. I listened to the sermon recently (I run with Keller ) and I didn't have the impression that he thaught that only christians can be saved. But of course that might be attributed to an even more subtle rephrasing...
  4. I saw Whitecross a week ago. Of course that's bad enough in itself but they sounded as if they'd just got back together. At one point (I thought) they'd finished a song and Rex Caroll had forgotten how to start the next song. When they got things going it was exactly the same song. Turns out he forgot how to play the solo...
  5. Damien Jurado and Richard Swift's "Other People's Songs" can be found here.
  6. Klaas

    Rosie Thomas

    Like I said, I don't know any of Rosie's albums so I can't compare but I sure love this one. I've listened to this 4 or 5 times now and I'm not tired of it at all. Listening to this cd feels like a warm bath or drinking a glass of wine in the company of my wife. It's intimate as if it's been recorded in someone's livingroom and it's pretty casual in places. Apart from being a bit short my only complaint would be that it's all pretty subdued. I wish she'd raise her voice and the tempo a bit more from time to time. (I'm always glad when Snow Angels hits the Here-it-is-spot). I have to dive into
  7. Yes! It's available on Emusic.... I'm hitting the download button right..... now! I liked Rosie's music from some samples I've heard and her collaboration wit Jurado but I never got around acyually ordering an album. I still wished her music would turn up on Emusic. And finally it does
  8. I downloaded the extra song from Emusic and it
  9. Thanks for the link zalm! I'm giving it my second 'spin' and I'm loving every minute of it. I knew I had to buy this but now I know I have to get this asap ;-)
  10. Most of my favs have been named. I think I'd only add these to the list: Gomez - How we operate Final Fantasy - He poos clouds (anyone else?)
  11. Klaas

    Fewer moving parts

    I stumbled upon the 'Fewer moving parts' EP by David Bazan on Emusic yesterday. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned here. I have only listened to it once but so far it sounds good. Pretty much what we've come to expect: David's trademark vocals, indie-guitars and maybe a bit more keyboards. And of course there's the lyrics.... Seems like the venom has not left with the band.... Jesus and God get a few mentions but not in a way that will get him a Dove-award... I think I'll have to listen to this a few more times to see how it holds up against his other material. Has anyone else listened to
  12. Klaas

    Lost and Found

    Hm. Flevo Festival in the mid 90's? I must have been there for sure but I've never heard of L&F. I've seen Perry there but I'm 90% sure L&F were not there. What band were you playing in Stef?
  13. I used to love TVB. Now I think I like them. Strength was great (I think it shaped my faith in a way), the self-titled a masterpiece and Plastic & Elastic almost a masterpiece. I believe they never reached those heights again. What I liked about the self-titled and P&E was the fact that these records had some real guts. But more recently I think they
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