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  1. CHARITY I know my anger, I know my lust, I know my wrath, my unending trust, I know what you know. A car was aflame by the side of a road in memory to the knowledge that man, didn
  2. what is remarkable is about this statement, is that the topic poster has not replied to anything any of you have said... From Alan's "I know it all" attitude to nardis unacceptance of a form of humour - sarcasm. Does this not enforce the point that the topic poster is trying to make?
  3. WOW... I almost couldn't believe it! And of course, when Gary Lineker (BBC Sports presenter and ex England striker) gave the daily scores yesterday on FA Cup Final MOTD he stated "Scotland struggled to a 0-0 draw with Japan in a FRIENDLY..." AND WENT ON TO REMARK... "gosh, I bet that was a boring game"... As you can see, we're still being oppresed by the english! Scotland had beaten Bulgaria 5-1 and drew with Japan 0-0 to win the Kirin Cup - a big shiny trophy all for themselves AND took home a cheque from the sponsors for $100,000. sO... considering that Japan have qualified for this summe
  4. Aye. At school, I was taught (not very well) that the name extends from the smoke, but I think you are right... and... is it maybe a clairvoyance which lends a nostril to the nor loch? princes street gardens should be in full bloom right now!
  5. When I joined my first band, we caled ourselves "The Booke of Urizen" after William Blake's book of poems. I have most of his works and I still think that his poetry is second to none, even though I can appreciate modern poetry, I still think the oldies are the best. If you can read anything in its raw prose, even airport novels and trash literature - EVEN tabliod press stories, then you will undoubtedly find some good poetry and turn of phrase in it. Most authors and journalists are poets in ther subconscious scribing and this is why the written word remains - the most powerful magic on eart
  6. some might try to persuade you that the name Edinburgh has been adorned with - "auld reekie" has got something to do with the breweries... In fact, the name "auld reekie" was given Edinburgh at a time before the Nor Loch was emptied... I think i'd prefer the smell of the hops!
  7. If you like musicals, you should add Mama Mia to your "to see" list... even if you don't like the music of abba. My sister has been with the musical for 5 years and it's superb! where...? oh, yeah... The Edinburgh Playhouse. IMHO edinburgh is a fantastic place... FOR A HOLIDAY -I lived there for 7 years and in all honesty. IT STINKS LIKE AN OPIUM DEN.
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