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  1. Thanks for all the posts and updates on OTR. I just bought my first CD -- Drunkard's Prayer -- five or six weeks ago and have promptly purchased copies for my daughters and gotten OHIO and now I and they are hooked. My God, talk about Going Deep, they are deep already. They hit me in places I'd buried or forgotten long ago. They bring emotions, memories, issues to the surface for me in a way I can deal with "just a little bit each day." Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I may have to write a column about them.
  2. James Fenimore Cooper is awful. Lame pretentious writing. I understand his place in literary history and all, but cannot read him. I read one chapter of "The Deerslayer" in a lit class and from that decided to NEVER read the book.
  3. Granted that Tolstoy is long-winded, but it's for a good purpose. He had an eerie understanding of the workings of the human mind. For instance, how he could see into Anna Karenina's mind so well. Brilliant.
  4. What about 'Innocents Abroad' and 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court' by Mark Twain? They are laugh out loud funny. 'The Diary of Adrian Plass,' a British publication, is also downright uproariously funski.
  5. "If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack. A glance from your eyes and my life will be yours." 1st Sargent Edward Walsh in "The Thin Red Line"
  6. I plan to start a First Fridays Food, Film & Faith event in the fall at my house. I have many friends who have expressed interest in this so I'm not sure yet what the response will be. If too many show up, we'll have to find another place to meet, as I can probably accommadate (sp) 12 to 15. So I have some questions. Rather than me running all over the internet looking for resources, can you give me some good links? Also in your experience is there a best-sized group for discussions like this? Suggestions for getting started? What might be some good ice-breaking films to begin with? Much m
  7. It sure does sound like a waste of time, Jason.
  8. You guys are great at talking in circles.
  9. Evan Almighty is being filmed just a few miles away from my house! Here in Augusta County, Va! Garley!
  10. Just one more word on K & I. I do so appreciate hearing from others who appreciate this album. I too first owned it on vinyl, then cassette and now CD. I think I love it so much is because of its etherealness, yeah, but also because at the time I first heard Taylor I was an evangelical Christian in a certain kind of church who hung out with certain type of people, read only certain kind of books and listened to certain kinds of music. Taylor's music made me explore the poetry of Wm. Blake, which awakened my religiously complacent spirit. It was a turning point in my life. So, I guess we al
  11. Oh man! I haven't listened to this one in ages. I've got a copy back in PA. I don't think it's the best album ever, but I do think it's the best solo album he's done and better than many DA, SE, LD records... Is that close enough to be friend material? Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a wee bit. Yes, Darryl A. Armstrong, you are my friend.
  12. My story is that I did three booksignings at the same store. The first one was my first one ever. It was great, attended by old professors, young teens, nice Mennonite ladies ... all kinds of wonderful people. Then I did numerous other booksignings, all pretty well attended. Then a friend of mine published a book and decided it would be so much fun to do booksignings together. Not kewl. So we did one at that store and I sold two books. A few months later the owner had this BRILLIANT idea to get, like, 20 local authors together to do a booksigning extravaganza. My book was almost two by then. W
  13. Did I hear someone say Vox Humana? And it was just glossed over like any common CCM? Au contraire, mes amis! It's pretty near perfect. And now I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I have never ever met anyone who has or likes Terry Scott Taylor's "Knowledge and Innocence," possibly the BEST album EVER recorded in the HIStory of planet Earth. Anyone who agrees with me on this can be my friend. Really.
  14. Yeah, and one piece of advice. Don't do any booksignings after your book is a year old, no matter how much they beg and plead and offer free coffee!
  15. I have a rule: "If everyone is doing it, it must be wrong (until proven otherwise)." So thanks everyone for the confirmation that the book would have been a big waste of my time!
  16. As for moi, I started reading Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" but got bogged down in it. Later I tried "Midnight's Children." Same deal. My two daughters, ages 25 and 31, LOVE Rushdie, so I'm giving him one more try with "Ground Beneath Her Feet," purportedly more accessible. My he does a LOT of backtracking and detail that I wonder why matters. But I'm sticking with it. So far. We'll see. He's supposed to be a genius, and, as Alan Thomas's Kissinger quote says, if he's boring me it must be my fault... Hmmm.
  17. With all the words in the air today, on the pages, in cyberspace, yak yak yak all the time everywhere... I wonder if I can benefit the world better by my silence? Even as a writer, with a passion, a profession and a calling? What else can I possibly have to say that has not already been said, and better?
  18. I too, have always been disturbed by DPS. I felt Keating may have been just what the kids needed in so many ways, but he was not grounded and offered them no hope, no foundation upon which to build their lives. He had none himself. He was dangerous. He offered that fellow -- I forget his name -- who committed suicide no parameters for his self-exploration.
  19. Annelise

    Magnolia (1999)

    I just watched Magnolia for the first time a few weeks ago. I must admit, I'd been putting off seeing it, though it was highly recommended by friends' whose opinions I respect. But in the past I've been a real prude when it comes to watching movies. As a matter of fact, these friends often say when they're recommending a movie that "Well, maybe YOU wouldn't like it." After seeing Magnolia -- making myself sit through the offensive scenes -- I realize I've been missing a lot. The world of film is opening to me and I to it. My impression of seeing Magnolia just once was like watching a peeling
  20. I was fortunate enough to snag a copy of Sylph on CD. What a fantastic, criminally overlooked album. I've yet to hear anything like it in Christian music. Yeah, Branded really spoke to me at a time when I was struggling with grief and the temptations of my own flesh at a time when everyone was always supposed to be happy. I spent lots of alone time listening to "I'm Just a Man," although I'm not, but acknowledging my need for God, after all.
  21. Yeah. I guess we won't be hearing from her again. I'm not working on anything except assigned deadlined space-filling unfulfilling stories for the newspaper I work for. Oh, and my column which everyone expects to see every Friday whether I have anything worth reading or not Oh for an assignment to write a book! After writing for a daily for 14 years, I am incapable of writing anything else. Wah! Wah! Wah!
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