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    I was born a poor white child, so I became an actor.

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    Media Director, Stand Out Talent. Operator, Tower Theatre - Roseville.
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    Letterboxed Fearless. I know, right?
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    All Gilliam films, Majority of Weir films, Most Kubrick films, Many Ridley Scott films, Some Coppola films, A handful of Spielberg films, A few Scorcese films, A couple of George Lucas films, And the Princess Bride.
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    I collect sound scores. I love classical music. As far as contemporary artists, there's U2, Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, Sting, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Lisa Gerrard and Evanescence--among others.
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    I was weaned on E.A. Poe and Stephen King. The Bible rocks. I like Ken Gire as well. Recommend Eldredge without reservation. Mark Frost wrote the scariest book I've read. George Orwell is great. And Walt Whitman.

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  1. Thanks much! We need 80 more votes! One organization has their church congregation voting...hmmm....
  2. So some of you may know that, in May of 2011, my wife and I were voted in by the City Council of Roseville to take over the historic Tower Theatre, a venue for both live theatre and film. Since then, we've fought pretty hard to get people to not only realize we're open, but to generate audiences in a community that for 25 years only experienced Children's and local Community theatre--i.e., one company was IT for this town. We're now on the voting list for the Greater Sacramento Area KCRA "A" List, which represents the "Best of" in the region. This award not only generates a decent amount of
  3. Hi Andrew, Our non-profit has signed up with several motion picture licensing companies; Swank Media, Criterion, Warner Brothers, Breakthru Films, International Shorts and Rainbow Releasing to name a few, Typically, these organizations charge a flat rate, then an additional percentage aginst the house if the total take surpasses the initial rental fee. This rate varies--Swank charges %50, whereas Warner Brothers charges only %20. Also, some agencies charge per screening, while others take it per date--you can screen multiple times for the same rental rate in this case. For example, if
  4. Herp-derpin' in the USA.

  5. Just finished the play The Language Archive by Julia Cho. I then followed up with the last chapter of Eldredge's Beautiful Outlaw--and now I shall read it again.
  6. Millions had the Nasty People in it. And a dead mommy. :|
  7. A friend of mine's daughter just turned two. He said "Yup, the terrible twos. Guess I'll be hearing a lot of the word no." I nodded, because that's what he'll hear if he's lucky. Clarity bypassed that word in favor of: "Yes, but..." "Well, I thought I'd help by..." "Ok, I was just going to..." "Uh huh, ok...after I finish doing this I'll..." "I just figured you might want..." Last night, at prayers, she came in and asked to pray a special prayer to God: "Dear God, and Jesus, um...please let Marilyn be okay tomorrow, and let her sister know that I didn't take her dollar. I'm telling the
  8. Funny. The Black Stallion was Jenn's first thought. There's also the remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth... *cough* Hmmm...thread...I'll check...
  9. So let's say you've been asked: "I'd love to watch a story without darkness...can you think of any ideas how such a story would go?" It took me a while to figure out what they meant by that. "Well, you know...like, darkness. Something provoking sad feelings. Something making you uncomfortable in a negative way emotionally." I tried to think of any film that doesn't do this, suddenly realizing there are quite a few of them in the comedy genre... "Can it be more of a drama, though? That the whole family could watch? I mean, it could have dramatic elements, but..." Ok. Drama, without darkne
  10. My first word to my wife: Cheech? The follow-up: Dang. He works ALL the TIME! ------------ I enjoyed it as well. It really made me beg the question again: how many of Sawyer's 'terms of endearment' are improvised? When he called Charlie the 'munchkin' both Hurley and Charlie nearly lost it. My wife was yelling at the TV: "DO IT! CALL HIM HOBBIT! DOOOO IIIIT!"
  11. Jeffrey Shhh. And sorry about your scene. The censors nailed us. I told you the SprayFoam was going too far... stef Brian Rife is an amazing actor. Like, amazing. ---- Oh, and my newest 'blogging on the site is called The Problems with Christian Films.
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