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  1. Hey y'all- While I am loathe to post the same stuff in two areas, I couldn't decide whether this was more film-like or musical. So, I'm posting in both places. Pardon if that is poor etiquitte. The crux of the situation is that I am currently working on a documentary about the band Luxury for which I am raising support via Kickstarter. A trailer can be viewed here: https://www.kickstar...y-autobiography or here https://vimeo.com/120423456 Here's a bit of background on the band: ____________________________________________________ THE BAND: Luxury is a band that began in the 1990's in t
  2. Greetings all- As some of you may know, I am currently working on a documentary about the band Luxury. I am raising support via Kickstarter (11 days left!) and a trailer can be viewed here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2019093747/luxury-documentary-biography-autobiography or here https://vimeo.com/120423456 Here's a synopsis: "Biography / Autobiography: A Story of a Band Called Luxury" will trace the path of Luxury, a band who, on the cusp of success, suffered a devastating wreck. In the intervening years, they continue to make records and three members of the band become Easte
  3. The High Lonesome Sound (not to be confused with the one on Bluegrass) This is a 1963 John Cohen film that is staggeringly beautiful. (here's Cohen talking about it: ) "Appalachian Journey" & "Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old" These are both Alan Lomax films which were part of his American Patchwork series. Basically though, go to Folkstreams.net and you have arrived. These Lomax films are streaming in their entirety as are tons more... It's incredible. Here are a few more titles available at Folkstreams.net that are pretty mindblowing: Sweet Is the Day: A Sacred Harp Family Portra
  4. I kinda figured that was the case. Sorry if I assumed to much... Although, I should say, that the trailer makes it seem like there is a good deal of lighthearted-mockery that the subjects are willing participants of. Again, I know that wackiness sells, so it need not reflect the film as a whole at all... mh
  5. Hmm. Really?! Now granted, I haven't seen this film, but the way it is described on it's own website and the trailer make it seem like a pretty different situation from our film. Is there any sense that Awake, My Soul could be called "A musical romp through the Ozark Mountains with a handful of rascally modern-day hillbillies."? Or do folks outside of the south really think that all rural Southerners are either dangerous or zany? I hope it doesn't sound like I'm defending our film. But I am defending the subject matter of our film and Sacred Harp singers from the charge that they (at least th
  6. Listen to the samples here and tell me this isn't some of the most amazing, downright psychedelic stuff you've ever heard. For its connection to American music, go here mh
  7. Very kind of you to ask. Our website is best for US. But right now it's more expensive than Amazon. We'll be updating it soon (which will make it cheaper among other things), so if you can wait, that's best for us. If you know you'll forget, then your local independent retailer (or Amazon) will do fine. Thanks so much. It all helps. matt
  8. workie

    Sacred Harp

    I just posted this info on the film board, but much of it may be more suitably posted here. Our Sacred Harp documentary, Awake, My Soul is currently streaming at Pitchfork.tv. Actually, our week on Pitchfork is technically over, but it IS still on there if one just follows this link. Don't know how long it will continue, but by all means, tell yer friends. But I really mean to post on the soundtrack which has been mentioned here before: Awake, My Soul & Help Me to Sing is a two disc set. Disc 1 is the soundtrack to the film. Disc two is a compilation of various artists doing Sacred Har
  9. I have excellent news for you. You live in that very world. In other news, even though our week on Pitchfork is technically over, it IS still on there if one just follows this link. Don't know how long it will continue, but by all means, tell yer friends. Those of you who like this music will be happy about the soundtrack which is coming to stores near you: Awake, My Soul & Help Me to Sing is a two disc set. Disc 1 is the soundtrack to the film. Disc two is a compilation of various artists doing Sacred Harp songs. For more: Go here & here Here's the tracklisting for Help Me to Sin
  10. Well, dang... Thanks, fellas. I was beginning to think that some of the folks who seem most likely to dig it weren't gonna check it out. For what it's worth, this is the version that aired on PBS. The full, feature-length film has an extra 20 minutes of scintillating, too-hott-for-PBS Sacred Harp singing. (It's available on the DVD, naturally). BTW, y'all would have enjoyed sitting in on the production meetings with the Public Television folks who tried to give me pointers about who material I should cut to get it down to the prescribed 56:46 length: Lady:[fast forward, fast forward, p
  11. Just so you know, our Sacred Harp documentary is streaming here for a full week. They say (at Pitchforkmedia.com) "Sacred Harp is a haunting form of a capella hymn singing that has deep roots in the South. These songs are sung unaccompanied by any musical instrument, save the instrument given by God: The human voice. That is the sacred harp." So says narrator Jim Lauderdale in this amazing documentary, directed by Erica and Matt Hinton, which explores a little-known American musical tradition that stretches back two centuries." mh
  12. Andy- I think I see! You may be think I am criticising individuals for doing it. My problem is the "structure" of alot of modern worship services I see- that this has become the regular way of doing it. And especially when these are "seeker friendly" churches- people walk in and it sure looks and sounds like a concert (sometimes complete with a light show!). It's definitely a performance model. I'm surprised there's even any dispute there. The question is whether there is anything problematic about that. At first you said it's not a performance, then you said "well, it may be, but what's wrong
  13. Hi Andy- I remember meeting you (I think I was with Josh J). Howdy! There is an unearthly quality to the music that is both beautiful and worshipful to me. Of course, I say the same thing about rock band Sigur Ros. And I can say the same thing about seeing The Jesus Lizard, Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, Elliot Smith, etc. So we're in the same camp there. Not that I know your feelings about the Jesus Lizard... You say: They're not up there to have people look at them. Then why, pray tell, are they up there? On a stage? In front of people? There is something to be said of the old model of placi
  14. Well, I certainly agree that it's different. But to say that it's almost unheard of for people unaccustomed to this style to pick it up without being totally immersed in that environment is not correct. There are thousands of people outside the traditional home of Sacred Harp who have picked it up and sing together in cities across the country- even in the UK and Australia. Now if you mean by "in that environment" you mean "around other people who sing", you are correct. It is community singing and it cannot be done alone. As to whether or not it's easy, most people can't just waltz in to a s
  15. Yeah, even Sacred Harp singers often have a hard time with the old 78s. They certainly don't represent what Sacred Harp actually sounds like- but nor do newer recordings, really. More than most music, you really haven't heard it until you've heard it in person. There's liable to be a different kind of singer in Washington than we have in GA & AL, but they're bound to be friendly. Try here: http://pnwshs.org/ matt
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