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  1. Nominations and Seconds other than the current Top100: ** titles that have been seconded 13 Conversations About One Thing (2001)** 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)** 2046 (2006) About a Boy (2002)** After The Wedding (2006)** Aguirre: The Wrath of God** A.I.: Artificial Intelligence** Amadeus (1984)** Amazing Grace (2006)** Apocalypse Now (1979)** Barcelona (1994)** Barry Lyndon (1975)** The Best of Youth (2003-miniseries) The Best Years of Our Lives** Black Belt (aka Kuro-obi) (2007) Born Into Brothels (2004)** Boys Town (1938) Bride of Frankenstein (1935)** Brothers (20
  2. It's time to start discussing how we are going to run nominations and voting this year. Here are some of the things suggested last year that we need to discuss: How trilogies or series of films are to be nominatedFilms vs TV miniseries (is Kieslowski's Decalogue bending the rules?)Any other lists we might want to grandfather in (Sight and Sound?). Last year we grandfathered in all Top100 winning films of the past, but no outside lists.Remembering to nominate the classics like The Godfather and Citizen Kane, etc.Whether we should reconsider the scale. 1 to 5 or 1 to 10?Aesthetics and usabil
  3. Don't worry about the late submission(s), they'll be included. Also, as a bonus, our interns have compiled some more nominations as well, which will be revealed before the final list is released this week, along with the official survey.
  4. One of my friends is shutting down his business tomorrow. He’s always dreamed of owning his own advertising agency, so eleven years ago he took a deep breath, maxed out his credit cards, and founded Element, a brave little start-up that garnered more than its share of accolades and awards, and whose imprint can be found in.... View the full article
  5. There’s something to be said for a purge of one’s belongings every decade or so. Well, at least every fifteen or twenty years. The latter is how long papers had been accumulating in my files when a rearrangement of my home office forced me to purge them. Going through the dozen drawers of.... View the full article
  6. Whatever doubts some writers have about the value of blogging—such as those stated here—can be assuaged by emphasizing the continuity between writing blog posts and writing essays. I’ve always thought that the best way to conceive of a blog post is as an essay in embryo—as an initial sketch or.... View the full article
  7. One exciting thing about loving the music of the 1990s is that my favorite bands keep getting back together. They disappear for a while, bewildered by the new pop landscape from which MTV, CDs, and super-thick, chorus-heavy, distorted guitars have gone, and then re-emerge on the other side of the century, fresh-faced and.... View the full article
  8. By the time Max shouted “Let the wild rumpus start!” on opening day of Where the Wild Things Are, a rumpus was already raging among the film’s critics. Reviewers have been roaring and beating their chests in debate. Were director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Dave Eggers faithful enough to.... View the full article
  9. The summer before you died, I hid on the roof in Tollygunge. I walked part of the way home from Sudder Street and by the time I got to the apartment building where I was staying, the sooty red sunset had spent itself. Dusk sifted in the quarter’s dim air, and from the park by the main road a wedding feast’s.... View the full article
  10. There’s something magical about going to the movies alone, especially on the first chilly day of the season. Surrounded by strangers, I feel something of the childlike thrill of comfort at bedtime reading, perhaps under the sheet, perhaps not, while around you the rest of the family goes about its business. Mom and Dad in the.... View the full article
  11. I am an American with a moderate amount of credit card debt who watches cable TV, reads US magazine in the grocery store line, and drinks Starbucks coffee. These proclivities do not make me cool in the terribly earnest circles I frequent. If I were more cool, I would not.... View the full article
  12. Friday was unseasonably warm and blustery, with a cold front moving in. The week had been trying and my wife Jill and I were eager to drive an hour east of town after work for a friend’s birthday get-together, which we knew would be overflowing with good food, good conversation and, if the rain held off, a bonfire.... View the full article
  13. I’m pregnant again, twelve weeks now, and I’m experiencing the same disconnected feeling I did the first time. I’ve never felt so alone as when there is life growing inside me. Every morbid impulse in my psyche flares in the first trimester, and my thoughts linger on mortality.... View the full article
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