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  1. Episode 4 is laugh out loud funny.
  2. Wow, I really enjoyed this fim. Might be my favorite of the year.
  3. I just want to chime in and say very glad I saw this movie. Full of whimsy,wonder, and heart.
  4. rjkolb

    The Babadook (2014)

    Simply a wonderful film and one of my favorites of the year. Reminicent of some of the great psychological horror films of Roman Polanski as well as Cronenberg's The Brood. Great to see a film not only directed by a woman but coming from a woman's perspective. Not the scariest film ever made, as William Friedken tweeted, but is a film that stays with you long after it's over.
  5. I am glad they are coming to Phoenix. Of course, they seem to always come to Phoenix. One of the few great bands that come here. I usually have to go to LA to see anyone if I do.
  6. rjkolb


    Streaming on Netflix in the US. I just thought it looked amazing.
  7. I thought quite the opposite (I thought it was delightfully simple), but the association between Resnais and these marvelous faces is enough to whet my appetite. Now that is my kind of teaser.
  8. Nicholas Cage in Kick-Ass! Oh wait, positive movie dads sorr.
  9. Swiss Family Robinson (1960), a movie that drives me nuts but was a favorite of my wife's as a kid. I have never seen the 1940 RKO version.
  10. rjkolb

    Ebert Watch

    Roger Ebert's website just got a redesign.
  11. rjkolb

    Holy Motors

    The film is censored on Netflix.
  12. One of my favorite's of the year. The film is a big, overstuffed and often loses itself; but I laughed and was genuinely moved.
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