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  1. Definitely. You can reorder your draft list (like we've done every year with the autodraft) and then the draft program will draft automatically for you based on that list. You'll likely end up with a less balanced roster than you might've if you'd been able to participate live, but probably not anything worse than in past years.
  2. CGs are kind of a rough category in H2H, as there are so few these days. You end up with a lot of 0-0 ties, which isn't much fun. How about adding HLD and IP (one favors relievers, one favors starters) instead of ER and K/9? As for hitting, I don't see Doubles + Triples on Yahoo, but it looks like you can do Extra Base Hits. Is that the same thing, or would that include HR? Total Bases is another possibility. I like the idea of adding SB, but I like even more the idea of adding Net Stolen Bases.
  3. Woohoo! In a month of thundersnow and sub-zero temperatures, it's nice to start dreaming about spring again. Thanks for getting things rolling, Darrel. I'm in for another year. I think H2H sounds like fun, assuming we can get the right number of teams. It definitely can keeps things more interesting from week to week. And I'd definitely be game for a live draft if there was enough interest.
  4. Thanks, Darrel. It was fun as always. Thanks for setting it up!
  5. I've got me some defending to do, so the Salmon Sox are back for yet another season. Hopefully we'll have enough to do a regular league, but if it's small again, I'm game for switching to the NL. Thanks as always for setting things up, Darrel.
  6. I'm in. Elephants was one of my very favorites from last year. Any idea when Birds will be out? Does it also draw from Psalms or is there a different set of themes?
  7. I've really loved the last two Shearwater albums. I think I even bought Palo Santo in three different formats. So I'm quite eager to hear this one. The two tracks I've heard so far have done nothing but stoke my excitement.
  8. zalm

    Son Lux

    These days, Ryan appears to be enamored with In Rainbows-era Radiohead*: Nude (Son Lux Remix) * Technically, "Nude" has been around in one form or another since OK Computer days, but still ... check out the track.
  9. If you haven't picked it up yet, the album is streaming in its entirety at Spinner. Apparently, I could listen to Cee-Lo all day.
  10. zalm

    March Madness!

    ... and my bracket is officially toast. i guess that's the risk i ran by choosing a 4 seed to make it to the finals.
  11. zalm

    March Madness!

    Boy, something was in the water in Tampa! I'm 21/32 with only 2 gone from the Sweet 16 and 1 gone from the Elite Eight. (Boo, Clemson. Boo.) Upsets that I'm most excited about calling: Western Kentucky and Davidson.
  12. zalm

    March Madness!

    not that i followed college basketball at all this year, but.... Final Four: UNC Georgetown Pitt UCLA Championship: UNC Pitt National Champion: UNC
  13. Now the headline reads more like The Onion (albeit more grammatically suspect): "Elbow don't want world domination" I was late to the party with "Leaders of the Free World," so this is the first Elbow album that I've been able to look forward to. I'm eager to hear it.
  14. zalm

    Beautiful songs

    Here's a short list of songs/pieces that more often than not make me catch my breath, stop what i'm doing, and listen: Radiohead - Muse - Sigur R
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