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  1. Hey Andrew, just wondering if you were able to find The Man Who Sold His Skin in the end? A friend here in Canada tipped me off to the fact that it's rentable from iTunes here, though it doesn't seem to be available on any of the other streaming services. Maybe it's available in the US, too...? Better Days, thankfully, is now available on Google Play here.
  2. I somehow missed the fact that there is a Society of Lyricists and Composers, and that they gave their award in this category to Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.
  3. I somehow missed the fact that there is a Society of Lyricists and Composers, and that they gave their award in this category to Soul. (They also gave an award to Blizzard of Souls for best original score for an *independent* film, but that film isn't nominated for the Oscar.)
  4. Hmmm. This is the tally *I* have (not counting guild winners that don't have Oscar nominations in the respective categories, and not counting short films, animated films, documentary films, or "international" films): Guild awards relevant to 4 Oscar categories Ma Rainey's Black Bottom -- Screen Actors Guild (actor, actress); Costume Designers Guild (period); Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (period/character make-up, period/character hair styling) Guild awards relevant to 2 Oscar categories Mank -- American Society of Cinematographers; Art Directors Guild (p
  5. And the winners are... Mank, which has an Oscar nomination, and Two of Us, which does not.
  6. And the winner is... Sound of Metal! So, in the first year in decades that the Academy combined the sound-editing and sound-mixing awards into a single category, the sound editors guild and the sound mixers guild have given their awards to completely different movies! But both of the guilds gave Soul the animation award, so who knows, maybe the two live-action front-runners will split the vote for the Oscar and Soul will come out the winner! Hmmm. Has an animated film ever been nominated for best sound before? Looking through the nominees (for consistency's sake, I'm just saying
  7. And the winner is... Soul. So Soul has won all the guild awards it was eligible for, with the exception of a few key Annie awards (such as best director) that went to Wolfwalkers.
  8. And the winner is... The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart! That just leaves one guild that hasn't announced its winners yet -- the American Society of Cinematographers -- and none of their candidates got any Oscar nominations. So, of the three Oscar nominees that had guild nominations, two didn't win anything, and My Octopus Teacher won two -- specifically, it won the Producers Guild Award and the ACE Eddies award -- but it lost the awards from the directors' guild and both of the sound guilds. Huh.
  9. And the winners are... The Trial of the Chicago 7, which has an Oscar nomination, and Palm Springs, which doesn't.
  10. None of these films are Oscar nominees, but just for the record: the winner is... Souvenier Souvenir. Also, The Snail and the Whale, which made the Oscar shortlist but did *not* get an Oscar nomination, won the Annie for best special production. If Anything Happens I Love You, which is the only Oscar nominee for best animated short that got *any* sort of Annie nomination, did not win (it lost the TV editing category to Hilda).
  11. And the winners are... Soul -- Feature, writing, character animation, storyboarding, FX, editing, music Wolfwalkers -- Indie feature, direction, production design, character design, voice acting (Eva Whittaker) So there wasn't *quite* an even split between the two films, but very close.
  12. And the winners are... Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga -- feature musical Greyhound -- feature effects/foley Tenet -- feature underscore The Trial of the Chicago 7 -- feature dialogue/ADR Interestingly, the two films with the most Golden Reel nominations -- News of the World and Sound of Metal -- were shut out completely. And those two films have Oscar nominations, whereas the only Golden Reel winner that has one is Greyhound. Well, that's not entirely true. Soul won a Golden Reel in the animation category, and it has an Oscar nomination
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