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  1. This is a list in progress 1) The LEGO Movie 2) The Grand Budapest Motel 3) Only Lovers Left Alive 4) Enemy 5) Joe 6) Blue Ruin Other movies I think are "good" and have stuck with me over time and made me think Cheap Thrills Noah Child's Pose Big Bad Wolves Overrated Movies Grand Piano 12 O'Clock Boys Tracks (I still found this to be above average, and impressive in many ways)
  2. This film is the epitome of a guilty pleasure film for me, but I had my problems with it. I found it thought provoking. I loved the tangible picture of community displayed in this anarchist group. I appreciate that the film presents an alternative to the groups actions, though the actions still lie in the grey. My problem lies in Alexander Skarsgard's character. The stakes weren't there for him to have this much skin in the game. Izzy and Doc did. As the movie progressed, and his commitment grew, injust kept asking 'why.'
  3. I completely agree. I had one of those epiphany moments and totally realize that there was no merit to it. I think it was influenced by an interview I listened to with Richard Linklater, and his picture of what he sees happening after that night is hopeful.
  4. This could be completely out of right field, but it just hit me when I saw the movie poster again that it is a picture of Jesse and Celine sitting at a table in the daylight. They are wearing the same clothes they were when they were fighting. The same clothes that we see them wearing sitting at the same table late at night at the end of the movie. Is it possible to imply that Linklater had a in his mind that the two of them sit there all night long and talk the night away in perfect Jesse and Celine fashion? I could be way off...but go look at the poster and tell me what you think.
  5. I understand that they aren't fully canon due to reboot, but each reboot tries to maintain some continuity, and I don't know how this works with the hopes of a JLA movie unless they want aged heroes in the JLA
  6. I'm thoroughly confused how they will use The Dark Knight Returns as a base for this story. It's an elseworld tale. While I think that graphic novel could bring something to the screen that hasn't even been touched in the superhero film genre, it isn't canon, and doesn't help build the universe they are attempting to build.
  7. Martin's crisis of faith breaks my heart. He is living the Jesus life. In his relationship with Travis. With his children. But for whatever reason, he feels far from the pursuit of Jesus. He hit a point where he was tired of sacrificing to do all the things that his "faith" required. Yet I see him sacrificing doing all the things that faith requires. His honesty and vulnerability are closer to true faith than he realizes.
  8. Easily one of the best and most important films of 2013. Polley's film is not self-absorbed...it is prophetic. I haven't been able to get her thesis out of my head. Our desperate need to make sense of our lives through stories...stories that we share with other people...who feel the same need...but share a slightly different story. There is value in the combining of the stories...and a humbling that comes with the realization that my own story that I tell is subjective in nature. My take on Stories We Tell on Letterboxd
  9. I have lived with a drug addict...I have ministered to people that struggle with drug addiction. Empathy is hard to feel when you can't relate. Oslo helped me feel in a small way what I lack in experience. Thankful for this film. Here are my thoughts on Oslo, August 31st on Letterboxd.
  10. My take on The Intouchables.
  11. Even though I don't have glowing things to say about Prince Avalanche (I don't think it was a bad film), it did inspire me to go and catch up with the rest of David Gordon Green's work. The film reveals a balance in our need for relationship and our need for independence. The two are meant to balance one another...not be in tension. My take on Prince Avalanche on Letterboxd.
  12. I think out of respect for Nichols I will have to revisit Shotgun Stories. I'll confess that I watched it one night late simply because I couldn't fall asleep. At that time...it held my attention...but I just felt like there was a hollowness to it. For what it's worth...I do love that the ultimate hero in this story isn't Michael Shannon. It is Douglas Ligon's character 'Boy.' He is the one that understands that the reality of responding to violence with violence...the reality of revenge...is a cycle that doesn't end. He ends the violence by laying down his gun. My take on Shotg
  13. I've listened to enough interviews with Shane Carruth now to make me realize that I need to watch Upstream again. I never doubted that I had just witnessed something brilliant. I just had no idea what that brilliant thing was. My take on Upstream Color on Letterboxd.
  14. What I was struck by the most in this film was the importance of incarnational behavior in relationships. When asked about the final scene, Nichols said that it was all about finally being on the same page. In that moment, Chastain was finally able to see what Shannon saw, not because it was real, but because she had stepped into his world. And for the first time...he didn't have to fell alone in his nightmare. My take on Take Shelter on Letterboxd.
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