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  1. Suppose I jumped around a bit there. And I couldn't finish SALO, either. Suppose I meant the slaughter of the innocents scene in GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW and a short he once made about an actor playing Christ who was actually crucified. I should have included Scorsese for LAST TEMPTATION, but that's an outlier. He's another one who uses sex, violence and profanity in a way that I'd consider gratuitous. That's why I added Tarantino at the end. He was just someone who I think uses these elements as ends in themselves. I didn't mean to suggest that he was a religious filmmaker. Just
  2. I’m new to this site and have been reading some of the posts about profanity in Christian films. I believe that the depiction of violence is an even more important and related consideration. But to both of these concerns, my position as a filmmaker is that intent is the key. Looking to the Bible, most especially the Hebrew Scriptures, we see murders, rapes, tortures and during the siege of Jerusalem, a dispute between two women over the eating of their babies. But these things are there in order to forward God’s message and purposes. As a filmmaker, I will use profanity and
  3. I’m a filmmaker currently living in Massachusetts. I have a Bachelor’s in Radio, TV and Film from South Dakota State University (2000) and attended New York Film Academy in the Summer of 1997. I also spent five years in Hollywood after graduation working at the American Film Institute. What I’m working on now are what I call cinematic parables. I’ve become something of a lay theologian these last few years and have been using film to explore/articulate some of my ideas. I use the term 'parable' loosely, as my shorts are probably more cryptic than the direct teachings of Christ. T
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