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I missed this the other day:

Harry Potter's arch enemy Lord Voldemort has been voted kids' favourite literary villain of all time.

The boy wizard's evil nemesis in the Hogwarts books by JK Rowling came top in the BigBadRead poll organised by publishers Bloomsbury which drew more than 16,000 votes from British schoolchildren.

And wizards and witches dominated the Top 10 with Lord Sauron - the evil sorcerer in The Lord of the Rings trilogy - in second place, and the White Witch from the Narnia stories in eighth.

Mrs Coulter, the baddie in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials sequence, was third followed by Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor and The Joker from the Batman comics. . . .

It would be interesting to see what the voting patterns among A&Fers would be.

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Well technically Sauron WAS an evil sorcerer for a while. He was the "evil sorceror" who hung out in Mirkwood. At least, that's who everyone thought he was, until he returned to Mordor and there was a collective "criminey."

It had a face like Robert Tilton's -- without the horns.

- Steve Taylor, "Cash Cow"

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