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Joe Henry - Blood From Stars

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J. Henry (gosh, what an ironic moniker for this thread!), I hope my previous comment wasn't taken as anything other than good-natured ribbing, which is all I intended it to be. I've been meaning to provide a slightly more substantive response. First, I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say that Henry's music sounds like Sting's as there is simply so much variety to his canon-- and, really, to Sting's-- that my response here might vary depending on exactly what albums you're talking about.

But I will assume that you're talking about Tiny Voices, Scar, and perhaps Blood from Stars-- albums that marry rock structures to jazz instrumentation. And on paper, yes, that sounds a little like Sting. But I think the two are entirely different beats. Sting's fusion of jazz and pop idioms is very studied, very mannered, very genteel. None of those words are apropos, in my opinion, when describing Henry's music, which is dangerous, edgy, and improvisational. Henry's music has a spirit of anarchy that the meticulous Sting would never allow.

Hope that makes sense!

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Josh, I didn't take it the wrong way at all. I want to try some more with him, but I I need time to really listen, which will not be until this weekend or next.

Edit to add, that the reason I want to wrestle with the albums comes from having such respect for many who champion it. I'm willing to conclude that the problem is with me!

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By the way, Joe's article on Harry Belafonte in the Tom Waits-edited issue of MOJO this summer is a beautiful tribute to the singer. It is followed by Joe's interview with him, which is fascinating.

And you should get the issue for many other reasons too, not the least of which is Tom Waits' description of his own music as having something to do with scraps of metal being drawn to magnets in the belly of a cow, and the mix disc of various tracks selected by the Bone Machine master himself.

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