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Look at what I just got in the mail

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I was wondering about a thread where I could announce this, too. Nice timing, Darren! This week I got a large box in the mail. It goes back to the trilogy of shorts that a few of us were trying to make, of which, only one actually got made: Fairy. (Actually, I do believe Angel and Pixie were at least shot. Don't know where things broke down.) I'd gotten my English teacher from a gen ed college class I was taking involved in the project, as we were forging ahead at the time into a ghost story of some sort. I'd loaned her four films: Vampyr, Festen, and Ratcatcher, for source material - films to just show her the mood we were aiming for from the beginning of the script - and then The Eyes of Tammy Faye. I don't remember why she had that one, perhaps she just wanted to see it.

Five? Six? years later, she moved, found the films, contacted me two states away and sent them to me in the mail. It is so good to see my little guys return home! :)

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe.

Filmsweep by Persona. 2013 Film Journal. IlPersona.

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If all goes as planned, I'll be watching this in the next few days, and with that I will finish watching all of the Top 100.

How did you watch the Apu trilogy? So far the best bet I've found is a sketchy-looking, probably bootlegged, all-region set from Korea.

It's the side effects that save us.
--The National, "Graceless"
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