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String Theory: Levi Weaver Documentary

Timothy Zila

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I figured I'd share this with you guys.

Today, a friend of mine (and also an excellent musician), Levi Weaver, premiered a teaser trailer for a documentary film that's currently in production.

And you can help get it made!

That being said, personal connection aside, I'm legitimately excited about this movie after watching the teaser trailer.

Knowing Levi (and getting to witness a little bit of his journey in person), this film has real potential. Levi's music (particularly songs like "Spirit First," which is featured in the trailer) are some of the more poignant/thoughtful reflections on life and faith in music I've come across in the last few years.

Also, today (and today only - so there's very little time left) Levi's making ALL of his music available for free. There are links available at the bottom of the page. I think he's gotten around 150,000 downloads thus far.

Edited by Timothy Zila


"It is the business of fiction to embody mystery through manners, and mystery is a great embarrassment to the modern mind." (Flannery O'Connor, Mystery and Manners).

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