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repeat viewings

Favorite of the month

AFI Fest

Newport Beach Film Festival

Whitehead International Film Festival



12/29 Joy

12/27 Creed

12/26 Beasts of No Nation

12/26 Mustang

12/20 The Danish Girl

12/19 Trumbo

12/15 Love & Mercy

12/12 Room

12/9 Me And Earl and the Dying Girl

12/6 Youth

12/5 Spotlight

12/4 Don Verdean

12/1 Moomins on the Riviera


11/28 Together

11/26 Christmas, Again

11/24 Censored Voices

11/23 The Good Dinosaur

11/23 Sanjay's Super Team

11/22 Results

11/20 Vertigo

11/20 Can You Did This?

11/19 The Wonders

11/17 Janis: Little Girl Blue

11/16 The Pearl Button

11/12 Last Days in the Desert

11/12 45 Years

11/11 A War

11/11 Macbeth

11/10 Anomalisa

11/10 The Club

11/10 Son of Saul

11/9 H.

11/9 Mynarski Death Plummet (short)

11/9 The Lady in the Van

11/9 Mediterranea

11/8 Queen of the Desert

11/8 Carol

11/8 Paradise

11/7 Hitchcock/Truffaut

11/7 El Movimiento

11/7 Yolo (short)

11/7 Nahid

11/6 Mountain

11/6 Field Niggas

11/6 Bus Nut (short)

11/2 The Clan

11/2 The Lobster


10/29 Southbound

10/29 Ma

10/27 Embrace of the Serpent

10/27 Sworn Virgin

10/26 The Russian Woodpecker

10/25 Until the End of the World (Director's Cut)

10/24 Cassandra's Dream

10/22 Mustang

10/22 Chevalier

10/21 Frame by Frame

10/19 Reel Paradise

10/19 Tower to the People

10/18 Sicario

10/16 Elephant in the Living Room

10/16 Welcome to Leith

10/12 Bridge of Spies

10/11 Leaves of the Tree

10/10 Dukhtar

10/8 Love the Coopers

10/8 Kingdom of Shadows

10/7 We Weren't Just Bicycle Thieves

10/2 Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict


9/28 The Assassin

9/27 Black Mass

9/25 Manson Family Vacation

9/23 I Origins

9/21 A Faster Horse

9/18 Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

9/15 Cooties

9/12 Exporting Raymond

9/12 Becoming Bulletproof

9/7 Paul Taylor: Creative Domain

9/7 The Princess and the Warrior

9/2 Human Capital

9/1 Goodnight Mommy (Ich Seh, Ich Seh)


8/30 Mistress America

8/25 The Piano Teacher

8/23 Steak ®evolution

8/22 6 Years

8/22 The Gift

8/18 Guidance

8/17 We Come as Friends

8/16 The End of the Tour

8/15 Showrunners

8/15 Undefeated

8/14 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

8/12 Dragon Blade

8/11 Prince

8/9 Life in a Day

8/8 Georgia O'Keeffe

8/7 Drug War

8/7 Fort Tilden

8/7 One & Two

8/5 Break Point

8/5 Pawn Sacrifice

8/4 Big Sky

8/3 X-Men: First Class

8/2 Mr. Holmes




7/25 Clouds of Sils Marie

7/22 Cop Car

7/21 Phoenix

7/19 The Outrageous Sophie Tucker

7/17 Tales from Earthsea

7/15 Diary of a Teenage Girl

7/13 Station to Station

7/10 What Maisie Knew

7/8 Grandma

7/7 The End of the Tour

7/6 The Stanford Prison Experiment

7/6  3 Women

7/5 A Little Chaos

7/5 The Saw Lady (short)

7/4 Star Trek Into Darkness

7/3 Caffeinated




6/30 Chappie

6/22 The Secret of Kells

6/22 Peter and the Wolf (short)

6/22 Room on the Broom (short)

6/16 Blackthorn

6/16 L.A. Slasher

6/13 Inside Out

6/13 Lava (short)

6/12 I'll See You in My Dreams

6/10 The Third Man

6/9 The Look of Silence

6/8 Rififi

6/7 Testament of Youth

6/6 Chagall-Makevich

6/2 The Tribe

6/2 Homeless




5/31 The Aftermath

5/30 In Stereo

5/29 Samba

5/26 The Last Treasure Hunt

5/25 Far from the Madding Crowd

5/24 Pitch Perfect

5/21 Gemma Bovery

5/20 Marie's Story

5/17 The Battered Bastards of Baseball

5/11 Our Man in Tehran

5/6 Soul Boys of the Western World

5/6 The Ocean of Helena Lee

5/5 Unfreedom

5/3 Ex Machina




4/30 Keys of Heaven (short)

4/30 Throwing Stones (short)

4/30 American Auto (short)

4/30 Invisible Spaces (short)

4/30 Job Interview (short)

4/30 The Bird's Blessing (short)

4/30 Henri Henri

4/30 The Millionaires' Unit

4/30 Becoming Bulletproof

4/28 Do You Remember Me?

4/28 Chasing Yesterday

4/28 Pursuing Happiness

4/27 The Last Man on the Moon

4/27 Free to Rock

4/27 Now or Never

4/27 Janey Makes a Play

4/26 Eadweard

4/26 We Are the Ones

4/26 The Sound Man (short)

4/26 The AC Project

4/26 Othello

4/25 The Passion of Augustine

4/25 Preoccupied

4/25 Sunny in the Dark

4/25 Killswitch

4/24 Divine Access

4/24 Shooting for Socrates

4/20 Somewhere in the Middle

4/18 Girl on the Edge

4/17 Above and Beyond

4/15 All in Time

4/12 Salt of the Earth

4/11 Veronica Mars

4/8 Pearly Gates

4/6 Still Walking

4/2 The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him

4/2 24 Days (24 jours)




3/29 The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

3/28 Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

3/22 The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her

3/20 Cas & Dylan

3/18 Kill Me Three Times

3/16 Broken Horses

3/15 Deli Man

3/14 Force Majeur

3/13 The Boxtrolls

3/11 The Overnighters

3/8 '71

3/5 Sagrada

3/3 October Gale

3/1 A Most Violent Year




2/27 White God

2/27 Walter

2/23 Dear White People

2/21 Still Alice

2/18 The Widowmaker

2/16 The Congress

2/12 Maps to the Stars

2/10 Farewell to Hollywood

2/9 Love Is Strange

2/9 Good Will Hunting

2/4 Because I Was a Painter

2/2 Finding Vivian Meier

2/1 American Sniper




1/31 Leviathan

1/27 Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1 (short)

1/27 The Reaper (La Parka) (short)

1/27 Our Curse (short)

1/26 White Earth (short)

1/26 Joanna (short)

1/26 The Phone Call (short)

1/26 Parvaneh (short)

1/26 Boogaloo and Graham (short)

1/25 The Wrecking Crew

1/23 Aya (short)

1/23 The Dam Keeper (short)

1/23 The Big Picture (short)

1/23 Me and My Moulton (short)

1/23 A Single Life (short)

1/20 What We Do in the Shadows

1/19 Lovely Louise

1/19 Distraction of a Stationary Nature (short)

1/19 Love and Lemons

1/19 May We Grow (short)

1/18 Corazon de Leon

1/18 And the Red Man Went Green (short)

1/18 Ilo Ilo

1/18 Take It Easy (short)

1/17 Rock the Casbah

1/17 A Beautiful Life (short)

1/17 Siddharth

1/17 Blue Like a Gunshot(short)

1/17 Excuse My French

1/17 Seasick (short)

1/16 Wadjda

1/16 The Paper Piano (short)

1/16 Seconds (short)

1/16 The Grand Seduction

1/12 Butter Lamp (short)

1/12 Minority Report

1/11 To Be Takei

1/11 Antiviral

1/10 Aliyah

1/10 A Cat in Paris

1/10 Dead Man Down

1/8 Deceptive Practice

1/7 Life Itself

1/7 The Way of Peace (short)

1/4 Ourtage

1/4 Inherent Vice

1/3 Philadelphia

1/3 The Gambler

1/1 Go for Sisters

Edited by Darrel Manson
A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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Happy New Year, everyone!  Film title is followed by star rating:




Big Eyes 2/5 

To Be Takei 3.5/5

Into the Woods 35stars.gif

The Pleasures of Being Out of Step 35stars.gif

Virunga 45stars.gif

Selma 3/5

The Imitation Game 4/5

The Silver Linings Playbook 35stars.gif

As It is in Heaven 4/5

Because I Was a Painter 45stars.gif

A Most Wanted Man 3/5

Blackhat 4/5

American Sniper 45stars.gif

Election 3/5

A Most Violent Year 3/5

Foxcatcher 4/5

Boyhood 45stars.gif

The Interview 3/5




Last of the Mohicans 35stars.gif

American Sniper 45stars.gif

Match 35stars.gif

Rocks in my Pockets 5/5

Still Alice 4/5

Dumb and Dumber To 25stars.gif

Mad Max 25stars.gif

McFarland, USA 35stars.gif

Farewell to Hollywood 4/5 




The Grand Budapest Hotel 45stars.gif

Brokeback Mountain 35stars.gif

Whiplash 4/5

Nightcrawler 35stars.gif

Do You Believe? 1/5

Red Army 4.5/5

Edited by Andrew

To be an artist is never to avert one's eyes.
- Akira Kurosawa


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"Sympathy must precede belligerence. First I must understand the other, as it were, from the inside; then I can critique it from the outside. So many people skip right to the latter." -- Steven D. Greydanus
Now blogging at Patheos.com. I can also still be found at Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. See also my film journal.

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* - repeat viewing

bold - theatrical viewing




3/1 - * October Sky (1999)

3/1 - Chef (2014)




2/4 - The Trip to Italy (2014)

2/14 - * Casablanca (1942)

2/14 - Get on Up (2014)

2/16 - Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

2/19 - The Overnighters (2014)

2/21 - Interstellar (2014)

2/28 - * Murder at 1600 (1997)




1/1 - * The Quiet Man (1952)

1/1 - The Red Chapel (2009
1/4 - Flying Tigers (1942)

1/9 - Calvary (2014)

1/12 - Frank (2014)

1/16 - Gone Girl (2014)

1/17 - Boyhood (2014)

1/24 - Paddington (2014)

1/24 - No New Kinda Story (2014)

1/25 - The Interview (2014)


My Letterboxd thing

Edited by Crow
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Bold are theatrical viewings.

Asterisks (*) indicate first viewing.


Die Hard*

Shadows* (Cassavetes)
The Sacrifice (Dear Lord was that print brutal.)

Brazil (The Final Cut)*
Night Moves (Penn)

The Devil, Probably* (man, that was some light viewing)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?*

Despair* (Fassbinder)

An Evening with Kevin Smith* (Since I recently bought the Criterion of Chasing Amy because it was a Criterion virtually for free (as in, I was at a pawn shop where DVDs were $2 each, and I took advantage of their 6 for $10 deal), I figured that, just for the heck of it, I'd get a primer on Kevin Smith. I'd already seen the part where he talks about the Superman reboot, and enjoyed it, so why not?)
Office Space*

Deconstructing Harry*

Chasing Amy*




Journey Through The Past*


The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Edited by Kinch

Did George Clinton ever get a permit for the Mothership, or did he get Snoop Dogg to fetch one two decades late?

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My 2014 Film journal.

+ theater viewings

* repeat viewings

I put mini-reviews/reactions here, too, because often I don't have time or inclination to post more detailed thoughts & they're helpful for end-of-year thingies.)

January 2016

In Your Eyes (dir. Brin Hill, written by Joss Whedon. Well...I think we all know why this wasn't a big box office hit.)

Since I seem to be the only A&F'er still using this thread, I have bowed to peer pressure and created a Letterboxd account. But I'm not happy about it. Thanks to those who maintained this thread.


+ Joy (yes, it's kind of a mess, but great cast wors well together. Ultimately I appreciate the message Russell wants to convey here, even if it's kind of obvious.)

+ Meet the Patels (dir. Ravi Patel, who documents his attempts to find a bride the traditional way, aided by his family and every Patel in the known world. Much appreciative laughter from the hometown audience.)

Aparajito (dir. Satyajit Ray. Recorded on TCM)

+ Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015; won't change the world, but goes a long way toward washing away the bad taste of eps. I-III. Entertaining, but suffers from J.J. Abrams syndrome)

+ Chi-Raq (2015, dir. Spike Lee. Pushed the Lysistrata analogy too far at times, but made some points. May list it as an option for World Lit.)


+ Brooklyn (possibly a new favorite "feel better" movie. Beautifully filmed, written, and acted.)

Pather Panchali (thank you, TCM, for showing the newly restored Satyajit Ray Apu trilogy! Two more to go.)

* The Dish (postcolonial lit course. So many things to enjoy here.)

* Tsotsi (postcolonial lit course. Effective.)


+ Bridge of Spies

+ The Martian

+ The Intern


* Lagaan (for Postcolonial Lit course. Still entertaining.)

Song of the Sea (2014; another unique triumph from the makers of The Secret of Kells. Loved it.)


The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (Amazon Prime streaming. Thanks to Overstreet for recommending this, since I might never have come across it otherwise. Charming, reminiscent of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, but lighter on the stylization and deeper on the emotion. Well done.

+ The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (last summer movie of my summer, I expect. Total 60s throwback, with extra double-entendres.)

* The Young Victoria (2009; thanks, free Starz weekend.)

Rang de Basanti (Paint It Yellow/Color Me Saffron, 2006; from reviews, an admired film about taking India's historic struggle for freedom seriously. Felt more like an argument for terrorism to me, but I'm an outsider, so I don't know.)

+ Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (perfect summer action movie. Yes, I haven't seen Mad Max--yet.)

Midnight's Children (Thank goodness I had read the novel, even though years ago, because this movie was a mess, though it had its moments. Not as messy in a stupid way--Winter's Tale, I'm looking at you--but in a confusing, slog way. Magic realism is difficult to do well onscreen.)


+ Ant Man (fun! Not Guardians of the Galaxy fun, but definitely outshone the preview of Batman vs. Superman)

Tracks (2013; preferred this "girl on a lonely, difficult trek" story to the much hyped Wild that came out the next year)

Winter's Tale (2014; I'm sure this worked better as a book, but despite some lyrical visual bits, it was a mostly unconvincing mess of a movie)

+ Mr. Holmes (nice work by Ian McKellan, Laura Linney, and the kid. Themes of aging, memory, and the distinction between icon and identity were a lot for a small space, but kept my attention)

A Long Way Down (not bad for a Nick Hornby adaptation, but the book was better.)

Twilight: Eclipse (promised a friend I'd watch the whole series. Man, these are the most boring vampires ever. The only reason Bella wants to be one is that she is even more boring.)

+ Spy (more fun than most serious thrillers)


+ Inside Out (nice, but not overwhelming, perhaps because I never quite bought the premise, but some good moments)

Cinderella (in-flight movie. Charming, but still fell between original animated version and the utterly delightful Glass Slipper [1955], partly in casting an overly charismatic evil stepmother)

McFarland, USA (in-flight movie. Predictable, but competent. Worked for me.)


Avengers: Age of Ultron (OK, Joss, your obligation to Marvel is fulfilled. Enough with the superheroes and explosions. Go find something you REALLY want to do and do it.)


+ The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (In some ways, better than the first, though the ending(s) were predictable. Sue me--I like great elderly actors doing their acting things. They won't be with us much longer. And as much as I enjoy the Duchess of Grantham & Mrs. Crawley, it's good to be reminded that Maggie Smith & Penelope Wilton have range. And remember: "Dying is easy; comedy is hard.")


+ Jupiter Rising (visually engaging, sufficiently explode-y, action-adventure, creeptastic capitalist/aristo villains, and a great bureaucratic maze, balanced by an all-too-human family.)


+ The Imitation Game (another brilliant performance by BC, of course, but I really wanted to know more about the Enigma project. Guess I'll have to read a book.)

Liberal Arts (2010, Netflix. Disappointed English major's fantasy of how college is/was/ought to be? Dreadful writing, waste of Alison Janney and Richard Jenkins. Forget this exists.)

+ Into the Woods (Beautiful bit of relativistic, existential fluff. Fine performances by all. I prefer the stage version for conveying a bit more dread.)

Edited by BethR
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There is this difference between the growth of some human beings and that of others: in the one case it is a continuous dying, in the other a continuous resurrection. (George MacDonald, The Princess and Curdie)

Isn't narrative structure enough of an ideology for art? (Greg Wright)

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2014 A&F  Film Journal

Letterboxd Journal


(I like the idea of charting "how" the viewing experience happened. Thanks, BethR Don't know if I can keep it up though.)



Ride Report: 10,000 Miles to Rio (2014 Matt Kendall, Tiernan Turner) [Doc] -Hoopla  [better than Ewan McGregor's TV series]

Big Hero 6 (Don Hall, Chris Williams)

Frozen (2010 Adam Green) -Hoopla

Swiss Family Robinson (1960 Ken Annakin) -Netflix

My Week With Marilyn (2011 Simon Curtis) -Hoopla

California Scheming (2014 Marco Weber) -Hoopla

Two Days, One Night (2014 Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)

Godzilla (2014 Gareth Edwards) -Redbox

The Giver (2014 Phillip Noyce) -Flixster

The Maze Runner (2014 Wes Ball) -Flixster

Girl Gone (2014 David Fincher) -Flixster

Labor Day (2013 Jason Reitman) -Netflix

Pacific Rim (2013 Guillermo del Toro)

Sound City (2013 David Grohl) [Doc] -Hoopla

The Skeleton Twins (2014 Craig Johnson)



Cutie and the Boxer (2013 Zachary Heinzerling) [Doc]

Copenhagen (2014 Mark Raso)

Gerhard Richter Painting (2011 Corinna Belz) [Doc]

Birdman (2014 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)

Edge of Tomorrow (2014 Doug Liman)

The Freebie (2010 Katie Aselton)

Boyhood (2013 Richard Linklater)

Gardens of the Night (2008 Damian Harris) *Recommended

Devil in the Room (2013 Carla Mackinnon) [short]



Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2012 Sophie Huber) [Doc]

I Am Divine (2013 Jeffrey Schwartz) [Doc]

Big Hero 6 (2014 Don Hall, Chris Williams)

She's the One (1996 Edward Burns)

Newlyweds (2011 Edward Burns)

The Fitzgerald's Family Christmas (2012 Edward Burns)

Maleficent (2014 Robert Stromberg)

John Wick (2014 Chad Stahelski) Ugh! Bad. Not worth it even for a "get my mind off things after midnight viewing.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014 Phil Alden Robinson)



Interstellar (2014 Christopher Nolan)

The Imitation Game (2014 Morton Tyldum)

The Captive (2014 Atom Egoyan)

We Need To Talk About Kevin (2012 Lynne Ramsay)

Edited by Thom

...the kind of film criticism we do. We are talking about life, and more than that the possibility of abundant life." -M.Leary

"Dad, how does she move in mysterious ways?"" -- Jude (my 5-year-old, after listening to Mysterious Ways)

[once upon a time known here as asher]

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