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Old, fat, happy women in film (& beyond)

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A friend, a woman in her 30s, who by her own account has been fat her whole life, is trying to mitigate the wounds our fat-phobic culture have inflicted. As part of that, she is trying to nurture her imagination by feeding it depictions (in film, books, or TV) of old women who are fat and happy. 

Can y’all help me start a list for her?

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Not sure what this says about me, but I keep feel genuine hesitation to answer or make any suggestions because I feel like we've gotten to a point in cancel culture where calling someone "fat," even in a non-derogatory way, will be construed as fat-shaming or contributing to fat-shaming culture.

I know that is not what you are doing, just saying that it's really hard for me to answer question because I every time I think of some possible reply, I hear this imaginary reply in my head, "Oh, you think 'x' is FAT? You are part of the problem...."

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